Cross-cutting Sectoral Committee

Cross-cutting issues are topics or themes that are identified as important and that affect and cut across most or all aspects of the regulatory framework. These topics should therefore be integrated and mainstreamed throughout all stages of development from policy design, to implementation, evaluation and learning.

The ultimate aims of the Cross Cutting Issues are to:

  1. Help improve the quality and quantity of regulatory framework;
  2. Provide credible analyses based on common principles that can be used by regulatory member countries and the wider international community
  3. Enable member countries to share experiences, identify good practices and improve co-ordination.

Meetings 2022

It is generally accepted that the way that regulation is funded can have a substantial impact on its effectiveness. Government and Parliament typically intend for regulators to have a funding model that is sufficient to regulate effectively, adaptable to changing risks, and fair to citizens
and businesses. Where the funding comes from – for example, fees on regulated entities or general taxation – may also affect a regulator’s actual or perceived independence from industry or ministers

Cross Cutting Sectoral Committee

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