AFUR operates as a formal association of African regulators, with its own constitution stipulating its objectives, functions and other operational requirements.

AFUR founding members agreed that the organisation will operate according to the following principles


The objectives of AFUR could be broadly summarised as supporting the development of effective utility regulation in Africa through facilitating, the harmonisation of regulatory policies, exchange of information and lessons of experience amongst regulators, and capacity building in support of the socio-economic development of the continent.


AFUR exists primarily to meet the needs of African utility regulators (established as autonomous agencies or otherwise). Participation in AFUR activities is also open to other officials with an interest in utility regulation and, when appropriate, other stakeholders in the regulation process.

Sectoral Focus

AFUR focuses on issues associated with the regulation of energy, communications, water and sanitation, as well as transport when sufficient transport regulators would have been established. The forum emphasises issues that are common across sectors.

Geographic Focus

AFUR has a continental mandate with regions serving as building blocs for its activities.