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The African Utility terrain is in dire need for a new approach to not only attract new Infrastructure Asset Investment but also to manage its existing Infrastructure Assets in the Energy sectors. AFUR and AERF have recognized the above gap in Africa and have, therefore, partnered to resolve the above challenges and meet Africa’s new political, economic, geographic, rural-urban, and technological requirements in the Infrastructure Asset space and Energy Sector. This new paradigm will be driven top-down by the Utility Regulators using Infrastructure Asset Management Best Practices and the GCC Lab expertise.

AFUR CoE Beneficiaries On-Boarding

AFUR CoE Beneficiaries On-Boarding

Current Asset Management Challenges

Your Current Asset Management Challenges

Current Technical Challenges

Your Current Technical Challenges


Type of Service Required
Infrastructure Asset Management Training
Infrastructure Asset Management Consulting
Technical Service

Key Steps you will go through after you have Registered with the AFUR IAM CoE

  1. You will receive an official communication from the AFUR CoE confirming your Registration
  2. You will sign a contract with the AFUR CoE confirming that you will assign time and resources to the Program
  3. AFUR CoE will send you a Asset Management Questionnaire that you will fill in to help them understand the Maturity of the Asset Management Discipline in your Organization plus point out areas we need to tailor for the Training
  4. You will set up a Country Steering Committees in your country with members from both the Regulatory and Utility Organizations ,
  5. AFUR CoE will do the Foundational IAM Training to the Country Steering Committees , so that the drivers for change understand what we are doing
  6. AFUR CoE will send an Organizational Inception Report based on the Asset Management Questionnaire feedback outlining the Project rollout plan for your Organization